December 26 2019 blue moon horoscope

I believe the Almanac states this too, but also gives confusing dates?? Also what is the emphasis all the sudden on Lunar haircutting, I think it stems from the Lunar hair cutting craze put out by that henna company M. People, their calendars are wrong and I don't know where they are getting their information. I think they are making it up as a lot of their products are supposed to be based on Traditional Alternative Medicine methods, but they are not, not even close. They are not experts as their serums and elixirs are B. You can plant below-ground crops like radishes, carrots, potatoes in the waning of the Moon between a full Moon and new.

The Moon will be new on Dec. After Dec.

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Can someone help me I'm looking for dates to cut my hair to make it grow in the months of April and May. See our best days timetable for dates on cutting hair to encourage growth. Why are the comments saying the best time to cut hair is at full and new moon. But the almanac picks days not on a full or new moon? Hi Scuffy, The Almanac believes that cutting the hair during a waxing Moon between new and full encourages growth. Cutting the hair during a waning Moon between full and new discourages growth.

The very best days to cut hair to encourage growth in Dec. Very best days to cut hair to discourage growth are Dec. Hair should be cut while the Moon is increasing.

Beautify and bond under the Libra moon. Take it easy while la luna’s in laid-back balsamic phase.

For beauty it should be in Taurus or Libra, and if applying to a harmonious aspect of Venus, so much the better. For luxuriant growth it should be in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Treatments to increase growth should be started while the Moon is increasing in Scorpio, subsequent treatments while increasing in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Zain published by www light [dot] org. My mother looked at my face when she would look at the moon on the day of the first moon for good luck.

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Skip to main content. The Full Cold Moon. By The Editors. January 2, What do you want to read next? Full Moon for September Full Moon for June Full Moon for July Full Moon for November Full Moon for March Full Moon for February Full Moon for April Full Moon for January Full Moon for October Full Moon for August What is a Black Moon?

Full Moon for May Is the new moon a full moon or a sliver of a moon?

People grow up! Carefully staying cautious with Outsiders. You CAN win people over to your cause, but under these stars, underselling will be your best strategy. With verbose Mars in your expressive third house getting a restraining square from cautious Saturn, steer clear of hyperbole and grand promises and simply state the facts.

Your self-control alone will inspire people! Seeking new thrills? Over the coming six months, you could discover a whole lot of fun, creativity and community engagement in your own zip code.

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As sober Saturn in your usually playful fifth house frowns at aggro Mars in your serious second house, being the upbeat life of the party is not your priority—so honor that! Since your chill time can still be productive, listen to an informative podcast or research industry competitors while lounging in bed. On Sunday, the new moon in Scorpio powers up your second house of finances. Polish up your resume and LinkedIn profile and circulate among the industry influencers. One sincere conversation that you have over the coming week can open up the floodgates to opportunity.

Also on Sunday, stop yourself from automatically rushing in for the save. But with boundary hound Saturn at odds with fiery Mars, the message is clear: Put yourself first! Even if a close friend or relative shoots you an SOS, let your auto-reply answer. Happy cosmic New Year!

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Create a fund for self-development. And what a sweet way to get lost! You may have hit on a genius solution when you were swimming in those imaginative twelfth-house seas! Better to lay low and pour your energy into one of your personal passions or hunker down with a book or your Netflix queue or engage in introspective conversation with a spiritually minded friend. Got something or someone to release? Map out your exit strategy and slowly back away. Think different about money all day Sunday, Sag. Something that may seem like an unnecessary expense at first blush could prove to be a savvy investment.

Or a pricey club membership gave you direct access to industry insiders. As frugal Saturn in your financial sector squares impulsive Mars, change up the rules—without losing sight of your true bottom line. Have you been hoping to widen your social horizons?

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The eleventh house also rules technology, so you could discover your tribe online. Time to get serious about that digital business or looking into developing an app or invention. Learning new software could boost your earnings over the next six months. Push when you can, but if you get a clear message to hold back, rein yourself in. People will marvel at your ability to read the signs, yourself included!

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  8. What does your heart most desire: a spot in the executive suite? Whatever the dream, bring it into clearer focus—and, since a picture is worth a thousand words, put it on a vision board. But with antsy Mars in your optimistic ninth house squaring the usually clear-eyed Saturn—in your fantasy zone—your hopes may get the better of you. Revert to your sober self and ask for facts. Ping pals for suggestions or go through your personal connections to see who might like to have you warm their couch for a week this winter.

    But as relentless Mars in your intimacy zone clashes with stern Saturn in your community corner, it could bring a harsh reality check.